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Resa Dadash, born in Saarland with Persian roots, is a passionate DJ & producer

In addition to well-known festivals such as the Panama Open Air, Resa has also played the dancefloors of various clubs such as the Bootshaus.

2010 - the year from which Resa draws all the inspiration for his music. It was in this year that Resa discovered his passion for house music. Since then, his own productions have been fueled by a mix of tech house as it was in 2010 and (modern) tech house elements of today.

"HOUSE & TECH HOUSE Music MEANS everything FOR ME.
Its a soul thing."

Resa Dadash Bio

He loves bangers. He celebrates enormous energy. The sounds that Resa plays take the listener on a journey of typically percussive and groovy sounds with a musical detour to the clubs of Ibiza. Resa's tech house is timeless.

With raw and hard techno in the 130 to 135 bpm range, Resa can often be found at various techno events.

Resa released his first single in 2018. At the same time, he founded the label Reluxe Records.2020 then followed the sublabel Reluxe Tech. On both labels he releases music by national and international artists, mainly in the tech house genre.

On 04.01.2019, Resa took part in the Bootshaus DJ Contest in Cologne as a top #10 finalist in the techno/tech house genre. There he wowed the audience on the techno floor, also known as the Dreherei in the Bootshaus.

Resa Dadash Bio - Media Appearances

In May 2020, Resa, together with Club Trafic & "Raveathome" - a project he launched during the Corona pandemic - released the most famous Corona Club Party Video' called "WENN DIE CLUBS WIEDER ÖFFNEN - IF THE CLUBS OPEN AGAIN - CORONA! - ORIGINAL". click

The video was part of the taff program"Wie Geil Ist Das Denn" on Prosieben from 06.12.2020 to 11.12.2020.

Resa's project was also featured in an RTL EXPLOSIV report, which the TV station broadcast on May 10, 2020. On May 22, 2020, "WENN DIE CLUBS WIEDER ÖFFNEN - IF THE CLUBS OPEN AGAIN - CORONA!-ORIGINAL" made it into a video on "Culture@Home#6", a YouTube and online magazine from ARTE.

Thanks to numerous reposts by well-known DJs, musicians, bloggers, YouTubers and various other content creators, Resa's video achieved a total of more than 7 million clicks and went viral on almost all social media.

In December 2020, Resa took part in a TV casting project for the Prosieben TV show taff. With his TV appearance, he once again drew attention to the fatal effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the DJ and event industry. As if things couldn't get any better, Resa was honored for his story and his success with "WENN DIE CLUBS WIEDER ÖFFNEN - IF THE CLUBS OPEN AGAIN - CORONA! - ORIGINAL" and performed in front of the camera in a supermarket.

Resa dadash Bio - Music releases


Resa released his single "Seat Belt" on May 2020, which was originally released via the label "Spinnup" and achieved 35,000 streams. The song has since moved to his own label Reluxe Tech .

With the single "Ibiza Passion", which Resa produced together with his DJ & producer colleague "Big Aly", the two made it to #3 in the Beatport charts "Best New Hype Tech House June 2020" and #23 in the Beatport "Tech House Hype Charts".

In mid-August 2020, "Recordplayer", Resa's remix for DJ & producer JACK RUSH, was released on the Dutch label Equatos Society.

Resa closed the year 2020 with his single "Give Mea Sign". "Give Me a Sign" reached position #47 of the Beatport Tech House Top 100 Releases and position #56 of the Beatport Tech House Top 100 Hype Charts. Resa's "Give Me a Sign" was released in a total of three remix versions - produced by DJs and producers Jack Rush, Marco Eisenberg and Nate

In 2021, Resa released the 2 track EP "Reboot" with two strong tech house tracks on the Swiss label Lemon Juice Records. This was followed shortly afterwards by the tech house single "Take Me Away" on the Ibiza-based label Strictly Records.

With the single "Can't Control", which was released in summer 2023, Resa once again proved his talent. His release was supported by "DJ From Mars", among others, DJ Mag & Datatransmission among others. 

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ELECTRIZISE Festival Erkelenz | Panama Open Air Bonn | Boathouse CGN

Helios 37 CGN | MATRIX Bochum | Barmer Bahnhof Wuppertal | U-Club Wuppertal

Club Domhof CGN | Club Trafic (e-Feld) CGN | Diamonds Club CGN | Garage Saarbrücken

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